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Israel and Palestine Need to be in Time-Out! January 27, 2009

Posted by bhbeverlyho in American politics, racism in the West Bank.
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I am so tired of hearing about the dangerously explosive, homicidal infantile antics of both Israel and Palestine, and it may be unpopular to say, but I think Israel is just as at fault as Hamas.

I saw a segment on 60 Minutes about these two foolish ethnic groups Sunday past. I felt more empathy for the Palestinians than for the Israelis, to be honest. Do I think Israel should exist? Yes, I do. Does it disturb me that the Holocaust of WWII happened to the Jewish people? Yes, it does. At the same time, the elitism and entitlement of the State of Israel and many, perhaps most, of its Jewish citizens, sickens me. They are treating the Palestinians as they were treated in Eastern European countries and in Germany under many different governments, as second class citizens. I think, as Bob Simon said, Israel may end up with an apartheid type government, if it isn’t that way already. Okay, they believe, and many fundamentalist Christians believe, that they are the chosen people of God. Personally, I don’t believe a Higher Power or Creator makes some of his/her creatures more favored than others. I know the Jewish people have suffered for their faith and heritage, but if they, as a nation, have so little compassion for others treated as underdogs, well, bad karma is a bitch, whether in personal lives or in the lives of nations.  

The difference in the quality of life in the West Bank between Jewish Israelis and the Palestinians reminds me of the vast difference between whites and blacks in the Deep South in the 1960s and in some parts still today. That crazy Jewish woman living in the West Bank and so proud of her own “stubbornness” is exactly the same type of elitism I observed as a child when I visited my great aunt in Florida – whites with whites, in lovely, upper middle-class privilege and then the other Americans, minorities, poor and disenfranchised. Why is it, again, America is so pro-Israeli? They are the same as the racist whites, and the silent ones, in the American Deep South or as the Boers of South Africa. I don’t get it. I’m certain it has something to do with the haves sticking together, but I don’t get it, especially now that we have a wonderful, new president, an African-American who wouldn’t have had a prayer of being elected twenty years ago. Must history always repeat itself??

Yes, Hamas has bombed private Jewish citizens, but in some ways I feel they have brought it on themselves. Do they merely enjoy the privilege? Do the majority of them try to share the land, advocate for the rights of the Palestinians to have a good quality of  life as well as they do – education? well-paid jobs? social advancement? Until the majority of Palestinians begin to see a willingness to include Palestinians in a social movement to greatly improve ALL the lives in Israel, instead of being  treated, basically, as detainees on their own land, I don’t see how any true progress can go forward. The stubborn woman, claiming God has given the West Bank to the Jews, is the heart of most of Israel. I felt that she was speaking the truth in most of the Jewish hearts in Israel, that they have the right, given by God, to have, and the Arabs don’t have any rights, except to accept their unchosen, have-not status if they are on Israeli soil.

I agree that the only solution, as devastating as it is, is to force the Jewish settlers out of the West Bank and create a separate State of Palestine. Obviously, the two groups have too much bad blood between them to join as one nation.

The Palestinians will not be treated fairly by Israel, that conclusion should have been reached a few decades ago. Otherwise, sooner or later, something catastrophic is going to happen. The US will defend Israel and the Arab nations will back Palestine, and then the whole world will get dragged into it. 

This situation can’t be avoided, or covered over with temporary band-aid “treaties’. Two separate nations must be formed, and the separate borders enforced, the sooner it is established and “gotten used to”, the better.